How to Work Faster With Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program in the whole world. Many people use it every day for work, business, school, and personal reasons. If you find yourself working with Word for many hours in a day, it’s good to learn how to become faster with the program. Find out what you need to know that will help you use this program faster.
Since it’s a word processor you will be able to do more with it if you increase your typing speed. The faster you type, the more you can get done. If you can’t type well, there are voice to text programs that will make this much faster helping you get more text into Word faster.
Learn to copy and paste with the keyboard. To copy something, you need to highlight the words then hit control and C on the keyboard at the same time. In order to paste it in another part of the document, you need to hit control and V. This works not only in Word but almost every other application as well.
Learn the keyboard shortcuts for the program. It’s much faster to hit keys on the keyboard versus trying to use the mouse for everything. There are so many shortcuts to learn. Start learning a few of these and you will work much faster.
Make sure your computer is operating as it should. Things like viruses or errors with the application will cause problems when you are trying to get your work done. Also be sure to restart your computer before doing any major work in this application to make sure things will be running as fast as possible.
Change the speed of your cursor. If you are moving the mouse all around the screen, it will be better if it moves faster. You won’t have to move your hand as much.

———If you work with Microsoft Word all day, you can learn some tricks that will help you work faster in the program. Find out what some of these are so that you can be more productive.


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